Day 1

The 3 Financial Statements

There are three primary financial statements that every company in the world uses. In this lesson we will explain what they are and why you need to understand them. Throughout this course you will hear not only from your instructors, but also from top executives from companies like Disney and Amazon as well as a founder of a multi-billion dollar startup. After watching the video below, scroll down to the bottom for your homework questions and answers. Let’s get this journey started!

Your Homework

Take a look at the MICROSOFT 2022 10-K (or "annual report"). Click here to view it on the website.

  1. What was Microsoft’s total revenue in 2022?

  2. At the end of 2022, what was Microsoft’s total assets?

  3. How much cash did Microsoft have at the end of 2022?

Scroll down to see answers.

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  1. Total Revenue: $198,270,000

  2. Total Assets: $364,840,000

  3. Cash: $13,931,000

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