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Day 20

Balance Sheet Structure

Watch the video and scroll down for your homework.

Your Homework

Take a look at Kroger's 2022 10-K (or "annual report") and locate their Balance Sheet.

1. How much are Kroger's Total Assets on Jan 29th 2022?

2. How much are Kroger's Total Liabilities on Jan 29th 2022?

3. How much is Kroger's Total Equity (aka Shareholder's Equity) on Jan 29th 2022?

4. How much are Kroger's Total Liabilities and Total Equity Combined on Jan 29th, 2022? How does this compare to Kroger's Total Assets on that same day?

Scroll down to see answers.


  1. $49,086M

  2. $39,657M

  3. $9,429M

  4. $49,086M; this number is equal to Kroger's Total Assets as Total Assets = Total Liabilities + Total Shareholders Equity

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